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The ongoing case into the “Robot People Investigation” is  taken from the files of  agent Tray Marrow.

I met agent Marrow while taking  an artificial intelligence programming class at a local college.    My first impression of agent Marrow was that he was a  conservative man with a confident and   steadfast demeanor.  “He was always fashionably dressed, and when he spoke he was articulate and concise in what he had to say.”  Upon talking to him for the first time  I found him to be someone who was well rounded and easy to talk to.  We hit it off  right away in a mutual cordial   friendship.    I think it was  probably due to the fact that we both had a deep interest the in subject of artificial intelligence, and  it’s impact on society.    After getting to know him for a few weeks he started to fill me in on a very interesting case he was working on. He dubbed his case as  “Robot People Investigation.”   As he began to tell me about the case. “It sounded  like something   straight out of a sci fie movie!”  I was sincerely intrigued. Although the story sounded far fetched, I could not take myself away from the fact that he was such a  believable,  intelligent and articulate man.    His fascinating account came to be one story I could not shy away from.!


In the following intriguing story,  you will read about a brilliant mans work and discoveries combining artificial intelligence with robotic humanoids.

I had just received my private investigators license and put enough money away to open my office. The economy was a little slow at the time and I was desperate to take on any case that would come my way. The first week I found myself just sitting at my new desk and staring at the phone hoping for a case.  About four p.m. on a chilly night in Oct. I decided to leave the office to get some air. About an  hour later I headed back to the office. As I headed for the door I heard the phone rang.  As I was fishing to find my keys to the main door the phone stopped ringing.  “Frantically I got the door opened and made a mad dash for the phone!  “I was delighted when I saw that the caller left a voice mail.”  The caller was a female who spoke in very soft and pleasant tones.  Her message stated that she needed my services to find a missing person named Lawrence, and that I should come by at precisely nine a.m.  to the address she had left.  I arrived at the address promptly at nine a.m. The home was in a part of town I had never been to before. It was a gated community and I was greeted at the front gate by a uniformed man who waved me by. Making my way up to the front door I was greeted by a women who introduced herself as Lawrence’s mother. So as to keep the privacy of my clients I will refer her and her husband as Mrs. Lane and Mr. Lane.  She escorted me to a family room to have a seat and wait for her husband.  In a few moments her husband entered the room and introduced himself as Lawrence’s father. He then reached out with his left hand to shake my hand. It was very awkward  trying to shake hands that way. “He looked at me in a puzzled way  and then switched over to extend his right hand to shake.”

The couple sat down on a sofa directly across from me.   They both leaned slightly forward staring  as  if they expected me to open up the conversation.  I decided to start the conversation. “You left a message that someone named Lawrence was missing!  “I understand that he is your son.  Have you called the police yet?”  Mrs. Lane responded, “No,no there is no  need to call the police!”  “Lawrence can take care of himself very well!  “It’s just that he did not arrive home yesterday as he  always does.  “He has not even contacted us for the entire week which is very strange for him to do!”

The woman continued with what sounded like a scripted and highly detailed description of their son. I found it very strange that both parents did not show any emotion about the fact that their son may have fallen into some kind of danger.  Mrs. Lane  informed  me that Lawrence’s work involved artificial intelligence and robotics.  She said that a  few weeks ago he  told  her that he had recently made a  significant new discovery!   “He could only say that it had to do with a new form of robotics being integrated with artificial intelligence.”

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